Dr. Jenna Hauck, Owner of Veterinary Acupuncture and Wellness

It is with great anticipation and pride that we announce the opening of our new rehabilitation facility!

What began as a grand idea in my mind 3 years ago has finally come to fruition. While acupuncture, chiropractic, laser, and herbal therapy highly effective in relieving pain, rehabilitation and exercises address the physical body by building strength to maintain results, increase mobility, and reverse the pain cycle. 

About one year ago, I was treating a dog with hind end mobility issues. She was doing fantastic for years until age caught up with her. Her strength in her front legs started to weaken due to overcompensation from the hind end weakness and a lack of core strength. I was concerned about her well being, and recommended water treadmill and rehab. She improved dramatically over the next six weeks. It was at this time that I began my resolve to add these services at our practice. We had to help more pets like her!

The expansion of our office did not change our location, we were able to expand into the adjacent space (thanks to my IT support for making this fun video). Thank you also to my staff and all of you who visited the office during our renovations for your patience. 

Dr. Jessie Burgess has a way with dogs - her love of healing with rehab shows!

Dr. Jessie Burgess, certified in both canine rehabilitation and acupuncture will be heading up our rehab service and can provide a specifically tailored rehab plan for your pet from water treadmill, laser, to an in house exercise program or at home exercises. She is available on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and every other Saturday with additional times available at the office for specific therapies.

Essentially all animals can benefit from some form of rehabilitation to maintain optimal health.
Some common conditions that we can help are:

  • post-surgical or injured patient
  • geriatric pet needing additional strengthening and pain relief
  • pets with spinal cord disease
  • pets with extra weight that they can’t get rid of
  • canine athletes that need additional conditioning
  • pets requiring exercise to regain their full strength and mobility

Our new Oasis Pro underwater treadmill uses the natural properties of water to assist during exercise. The balance of buoyancy and resistance make this an excellent option for these patients as we can increase resistance or decrease it based on the need of each patient. The warm water and calm, comfortable environment make it enjoyable for the pet. 

Rehab exercise therapy uses a combination of joint mobilization, therapeutic stretches, rocker boards, physioballs, cavaletti poles, balance discs, and physical exercises, to enhance strength, coordination, flexibility and balance. TENS, NMES, laser, cryotherapy, and heat therapy can also be included to decrease pain, inflammation, and speed healing.

Dr. Jessie Burgess and Christa Black, rehab tech, treating a patient that is recovering from a TPLO surgery

We look forward to seeing your pets heal, excel, and rejuvenate with our state of the art equipment and under our doctor’s skillful guidance.

For more information on rehab, visit the rehab page on our website, or this article by Dr. Jessie published recently in Unleashed magazine.
Schedule a visit
with Dr. Jessie Burgess by emailing vetacuwellness@gmail.com or calling our office, 904-241-8869

Thank you also to those that have left reviews on Facebook and Google, or send emails and phone calls about your experience. We really appreciate the feedback very much, it makes our day to know we are making a difference!

Thank you,

- Dr. Jenna Hauck