in a special type of veterinary care

Our mission

1 Heal Pets Naturally
we are healing each individual pet to the maximum of our ability with natural modalities and positive energy in a calm, relaxed environment

2 Happy Employees with Perfect Flow
our people, resources, and processes are seamless, transparent, enjoyable, and rewarding

3 Growth and Spreading Knowledge of Natural Healing
when we have the resources to treat more pets, or educate the world, we will spread out our efforts


Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist
Veterinary Chiropractic
Small Animal Massage Practioner

Open Positions

Join our team!

Acupuncture Rehabilitation

We are looking for a veterinarian with acupuncture experience and an interest in rehabilitation. The position can be full time or part time. Please contact us to learn more about this opportunity, we look forward to talking to you!



Please follow our LinkedIn page for career updates in the future.


No current openings

Client Specialist
Customer Service & Administration

No current openings


Thank you to the educational organizations that support acupuncture and wellness therapies in veterinary medicine! We are very grateful for the knowledge and skills you pass along. If you are interested in learning as a professional, please visit these organization sites for more information.