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About our Services and Pricing

The care we offer requires significantly more time with the pet than traditional medicine. We treat the underlying cause
of the problem, with the goal of preventing or healing problems. Our treatments require multiple visits and the
veterinarians and therapists typically spend 60 minutes with each new patient, and 40-60 minutes with follow up visits.

Each visit with the veterinarian or rehab therapist will begin with a reassessment to evaluate how the pet has
responded to treatment and make adjustments for care, herbs, supplements or exercises until the next assessment.

New pets must always be evaluated in person prior to any treatment with a technician, or prior to receiving any
prescribed medicine. Our team invests a lot of effort before your first visit. We obtain all necessary records, evaluate the
pet’s history with data and surveys, and make initial notes for the first visit. We know emergencies happen, but is
important that you do not cancel the appointment within two days if at all possible. We often have a waiting list, so it
may be difficult to reschedule, but we will do our best to find another appointment.

Please click here for a price list of services and treatment plans, and contact us if you have any questions!