Food Therapy

You are what you eat. This goes the same for our furry companions! Good nutrition is an integral part of health. By selecting the right diet for your pet, you can help them heal themselves and prevent disease! We believe in feeding a wholesome, minimally processed diet with human grade ingredients. This includes quality commercial foods, home prepared diets, dehydrated raw and raw diets. Healthy holistic food and treats that are not commonly found in pet and grocery stores are available in our office.

Nutritional therapy includes not only helping you pick an appropriate commercial food, but also recommending a home cooked or raw diet as well.  Additionally, specific recommendations can be made for your pet’s condition based on the principles of Chinese Food therapy. 

Chinese medicine categorizes foods according to their energetic qualities as distinguished by their effects on the body after ingestion. The simplest system is based on the fundamental concept of Yin and Yang. Derived in part be observations of the cyclical alterations in nature such as day and night, the concept of Yin and Yang was proposed the help interpret natural phenomena. Basically, everything in the universe can be divided into the opposite aspects of Yin and Yang. 

For example:

Yin Yang




Still Active

Wet Dry

Foods can also be classified as either more yin(cooling) or more yang(warming). Warming foods tend to provide more thermal energy and tend to stimulate or speed up metabolic processes. Ginger is a good example of a warming type food. Cooling foods, on the other hand, tend to have a higher water content and slow metabolic processes down. Think of a cool cucumber. In practice, a pet with a hot condition, like skin allergies, that is panting all the time, drinking lots of water, seeking out cool tile floors to lay on, and has a red tongue and hot ears would benefit from a more cooling diet.  Additionally, foods can be used specifically to assist in healing your pet’s specific imbalance, such as to tonify Qi or Blood, or to drain Dampness. In this way, we can make specific recommendations regarding your pet’s food!